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To be useful to the entire mankind on earth. Raise the standard of living of the common men. Fulfill the dreams of priceless human life by being useful to them and giving the highest services.


"Our Mission is to facilitate individuals to live prosperous and financially healthy life. Our friendly work culture enables Patrons to get efficient, superior and valued services."


Benefit from all our experience and schemes. Generate revenues through attractive commission structures.


Become a part of "SSMB", become a member and attain the financial support & Improve the standard of Living by achieving all possible.


Our Services


This is a Term Deposit Product wherein Depositor gets more than double of his initial deposit amount.

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In these recession times, it is very important to plan spending. Every penny you spend will be important. Most of the people keep the large amount of money in the Savings Account.

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The Loan against Term Deposits is an overdraft facility specifically designed to offer you liquidity without compromising on the returns on your term deposits.

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Sarva Siddhi Mutual Benefits Ltd. is a Limited Premium payment, Traditional Non-Participating Plan. Thus it is a Guaranteed Income Plan without Bonus Facility.

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